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Breakfast Room

Seated in the small yet cosy breakfast room you will be offered a selection of local culinary delicacies; we provide the freshest in-season food directly from local farms, including a variety of honeys, brown bread containing dried fruit and nuts, cold cuts typical of the Alps, cakes and dairy products produced in Valle d’Aosta.

The breakfasting area extends into the walled garden where you can eat in the refreshing open air, while absorbing the unique Roman Theatre scenario.


Colazione alla Chambres d'Hôtes - Ad Podium

colazione torta artigianale

colazione teatro riflesso

cappuccino colazione



Where we are

La chambres d’hôtes ad Podium
is in the pedestrian zone of Aosta ;
there are two garages for parking
close to Piazza Narbonne.

Vicolo Vescoz, 4 (Porta Praetoria)
11100 Aosta - Valle d’Aosta - I
PI 01213810078
Tel. +39 389 83 70 738
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