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Here are some suggestive pictures that show how our chambres d'hotes are enveloped by the peacefulness of archaeological remains. The gardens and green areas create a true haven of tranquillity.


Vista del Teatro Romano di Aosta dal terrazzo di Ad Podium

chambre d hotes adpodium01

chambre d hotes adpodium02

chambre d hotes adpodium05

chambre d hotes adpodium08

chambre d hotes adpodium09

camera catullo adpodium01

camera catullo adpodium04

camera ovidio adpodium01

camera virgilio adpodium01

camera virgilio adpodium04

camera virgilio adpodium07


teatro romano aosta


Where we are

La chambres d’hôtes ad Podium
is in the pedestrian zone of Aosta ;
there are two garages for parking
close to Piazza Narbonne.

Vicolo Vescoz, 4 (Porta Praetoria)
11100 Aosta - Valle d’Aosta - I
PI 01213810078
Tel. +39 389 83 70 738
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