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Ancient residence with breathtaking views
over Aosta’s ancient Roman theatre

Ad Podium is an old dwelling that has recently been renovated to create spacious, elegant rooms. It is set in a convenient position within the heart of Aosta’s historical centre and affords a magnificent view over the Roman theatre and archaeological remains, site of the charming annual Christmas Fair.

The building once formed part of the aristocratic villa belonging to the influential Valdostan Challant Family and was the residence of the family’s last descendant - Philippe Maurice Challant.

Ad Podium gives you the chance to take a stroll through time: from the days of Rome to Medieval times to the present day.

Ad Podium is currently being refurbished to welcome you in its spacious and elegant rooms in the future.

Publio Ovidio Publio Ovidio This room is named after the Roman poet “Publio Ovidio”, who was very open towards the fashions of the day. He was born at Sulmona in Abruzzo in 43 B.C and lived during Emperor Augustus’ reign (the founder of Augusta Praetoria, present-day Aosta). + Gaio Valerio Catullo Gaio Valerio Catullo This room is named after the Roman poet from Cisalpine Gaul “Gaio Valerio Catullo”, who lived under the glorious age of the reformer Julius Cesar and whose works are regarded as innovative for their freshness and refined preciousness. + Publio Virgilio Marone Publio Virgilio Marone This room is named after “Publio Virgilio Marone” (Virgil), who is regarded the greatest Latin poet. Virgil was born near Mantua in 70 B.C.and his life was heavily influenced by the civil wars that broke out following the death of the great Roman leader Julius Cesar. +

Where we are

Ad Podium is in the pedestrian zone of Aosta.

Vicolo Vescoz, 4 (Porta Praetoria)
11100 Aosta - Valle d’Aosta - I
PI 01213810078
Tel. +39 389 83 70 738
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